8 Most Common Financial Ratio Questions Answered by an Expert

Definition of Financial Ratios

The two selected numerical values with their relative magnitudes taken from the financial statements of an enterprise are said to be as accounting ratio or financial ratio. It is the definition of financial ratios. In actual, the purpose of using financial ratios is similar to the income statement. You may find a sample of an income statement to make everything clear to you. The corporation’s financial condition is being assessed by using this ratio as many other standard ratios are evaluated in the field of accounting. Any kind of business can face various challenges if the financial ratios have not been used for evaluating the overall monetary performance. In the fields of both accounting and finance, the financial ratios play a significant role to show precise results regarding the annual or semi-annual financial performance of the businesses.

Why Are Ratios Used in Financial Analysis?

The ratios are used in the financial analysis due to many reasons. Such major reasons are for purposes of comparison and determining appropriate values from a corporation’s financial information. The three major types of financial ratios are highly common in the accounting industries across the globe. These are debt to equity, return on assets and return on investment.

How to Compare Financial Ratios of Two Companies?

It is not necessary that an expert in accounting or finance only knows to compare financial ratios of two or more firms. There are various types of financial ratios that allow the individuals to make ratio comparison between different companies. For comparing the current ratio between two companies, you need to use the formula of current ratio / current liabilities. For determining the Quick ratio, you can compare the two business by dividing liquid assets with current liabilities.

Most Useful Financial Ratios

The most useful financial ratios used by plenty of firms in all over the world are liquidity ratios. The liquidity ratios are further divided into current and quick ratios. The second type is solvency ratios that are based on debt equity and total assets to debt ratio. The third type is activity ratio. Fixed assets turnover ratio is the only type of this financial ratio. The profitability ratios are also highly popular. It has various types i.e. gross profit ratio, operating ratio, net profit ratio, return on equity, shareholder’s funds and earning per share.

frequently asked financial ratio questionsThe Financial Ratios FAQs

Q – How to define financial ratios in simple words?
A- The division of financial statement items by one another through a financial analysis comparison is known as a financial ratio. The variety of financial ratios is used to develop the overall financial performance of the business. The values are taken from different financial statements for evaluating the ratios.
Q – What are liquidity measurement ratios?
A- When the ratio is generated between liabilities and assets (that are liquid), it is known as liquidity ratio. The combination of four financial ratios including cash conversion cycle, cash ratio, quick ratio and current ratio.
Q – Expand the profitability indicator ratios.
A- Generating the earnings compared to the relevant costs and expenses by assessing a business’s ability through financial metrics is known as profitability indicator ratio. It has four major types including return on capital employed, return on equity, return on assets, effective tax rate, and profit margin analysis.
Q – What are debt ratios?
A- The debt the assets ratio shown as the percentage or decimal is said to be as debt ratio. The assets of a corporation financed by the loan are interpreted through this ratio. The types of debt ratio are cash flow to debt ratio, interest coverage ratio, capitalization ratio and debt-equity ratio.
Q – What are operating performance ratios?
A- The operating expenditures of the firm that are shown as the revenue’s percentage is known as operating performance ratio. Maintenance of major operations based on a large percentage of revenues in industries is performed by evaluating the financial ratio. It has three major types i.e. operating cycle, sales/revenue per employee and fixed asset turnover.
Q – How to define the cash flow indicator ratios?
A- The process of measuring the liquidity of a firm is known as cash flow ratio. The firm is supposed to generate less cash if the operating cash flow is less than one. The important types of cash flow ratios are dividend payout ratio, cash flow coverage ratio, operating cash ratio and sales ratio.
Q – What is meant by investment valuation ratio?
A- The combination of earnings ratio, flow coverage ratio, book value ratio and per share data is known as investment valuation ratio.
Q – What is profitability index?
A- The payoff to investment ratio is said to be as profitability index or profit investment ratio.

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8 Most Common Financial Ratio Questions Answered by an Expert
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