Our Team of Experts

We provide expert academic assistance to students in their time of need. Whether it’s late at night and you’re running out of patience or you just can’t get your equations to balance, our professional advisors will fix it. We provide help in a wide range of different areas of accounting so you’re sure to find the perfect mentor to get you to the academic finish line.

Financial Accounting

Jim “The Moneymaker” Smith,


Jim graduated magna cum laude from his class at Bentley University. He is married with three children, and he enjoys cycling and hiking through the woods in his spare time.

Management Accounting

Edward “The Number Cruncher” Leatherman,


Edward has lost count of the number of companies he’s helped over the years since he graduated top of his class at Bryant University. He spends his free time volunteering for local charities and enjoys skiing when given half a chance to go.

Social Accounting

Sally “Miss Responsibility” Ashdown, B.Acc.,


Sally loves finance and accounting so much that she went as far as to pursue a doctorate in social accounting. Whatever your needs might be, she is sure to get the job done. Sally likes to take her young family camping while on vacation and has a keen appreciation for wildlife.

Project Accounting

Andrew “The Trailblazer” Jenkins, M.Acc.,


Since graduating from New York University 23 years ago, Andrew has spent his time getting involved in all kinds of projects, making sure that everyone stays in the black. He prefers to spend his leisure time with a good book, but has been known to burn plenty of rubber on his motorcycle.

Forensic Accounting

Jennifer “The Crime Stopper” MacDonald, M.Acc.,


Jennifer has dedicated her life to making sure that people toe the line when it comes to declaring their finances. She’s a real stickler for detail, so you’ll be sure to get the right results from her. Jennifer enjoys practising martial arts and knitting sweaters, a real unique combination of hobbies.

Tax Accounting

Alex “Loophole” Jackson, B.Acc.,


Alex is a great believer in what taxation can do to improve local services and amenities, and he’ll make sure you stay on the right track. He is a keen amateur chef and spends a good amount of time running to stay in shape out of the kitchen.

Governmental Accounting

Jeremy “Kingmaker” Adams, M.Acc.,


Jeremy always makes sure that the job gets done right when it comes to governmental activities. Highly qualified and uniquely motivated, he winds down by knocking over a few pins at the bowling alley.

Our Team of Experts
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