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freeagent accounting software assistanceBased in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, FreeAgent is a cloud-based accounting system which is designed to suit the needs of micro businesses and freelancers. It is designed to help with the overall management and effective running of your business whether on an individual level or a business level. The FreeAgent System was first launched in September of 2007 by Ed Molyneux, Olly Headey, and Roan Lavery. With its base in the United Kingdom, it saw the need for expansion to the US Market and as such, in 2012, the acquired the startup 60mo. It has over time received awards for being among the fastest growing technological firms in 2013.

Who Uses FreeAgent Accounting Software?

freeagent help onlineFreeAgent accounting system was designed for freelancers or small businesses that boast an employee range of up to 10 employees. It was intended to make management of these small groups easier and also allow for a more efficient and proper accounting system for their operation. This system is made perfect for individuals such as freelancers, consultants, and/or contractors. FreeAgent is designed to save you time and of course money.

It is generally offered with a 30-day free trial for persons who wish to try the product before buying. This is the perfect time for persons to determine if FreeAgent or Traverse accounting system is better for them to use. FreeAgent has different packages to choose from for persons who have decided to use the system. These are:

  • The International Universal Account which can be used by anyone especially outside of the UK
  • The US Business Plan which is designed specifically for users working with a UK-based financial system as for instance the tax liability structuring is different from the others.
  • The UK Business Plan which caters to the US financial bracket and their format of finance calculation.

Managing Your Business in Safety with FreeAgent Help

freeagent accounting assistanceFor sure, you are guaranteed of the highest level of security and safety with your data and information. The data which is generally passed through your computer and our system is guarded with coded applications which prevent any disturbance or interruption from any third party. Because your financial details will be added to the software and system, we ensure we take pride in a high level of privacy for our clients’ information. We do regular checks on our systems to reduce the chances of breaches or hackings.

freeagent accounting software

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Who Can Get the Training to Use the System?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter who you are as, long as you need assistance on how to work efficiently with the system, we put the necessary measures in place to facilitate that. We work with a team of professionals who knows every feature of the accounting software and as such, it doesn’t matter what level knowledge you have, we can assist you:

  • Business owners

Whether you are seeking basic or advanced help with the FreeAgent accounting software so to efficiently manage your business, we can help you. We have a guided step by step format in which we offer practical help to business owners, whether individually operated business or those with an employee base. Also, in your business, if it is a select individual or any random persons, we offer help to them in becoming better knowledgeable of the features of the system.

  • Students

Are you studying a course in business or accounting and need assistance with your chosen FreeAgent accounting software and need managerial accounting help for college students? We can help you! We help students with their assignments or for whatever purpose the given task is for.

Not many accounting software caters to the needs of small businesses but FreeAgent does. They take into consideration the needs of these individuals who are searching for an effective way to properly manage their business while saving time and money. It is among the only accounting systems designed specifically to suit really small business operations.

Contact the services of our FreeAgent help center today to help you with your FreeAgent accounting software needs!

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