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Choosing to Take the CPA Exam

Taking and passing the CPA or financial accounting final exam can be a huge step in your career. It can provide job advancement, open up new career opportunities and increase earning potential. Most CPA’s will also tell you that passing the CPA exam was one of the most difficult things they have ever done and that it is a grueling and time consuming process that for a period of time will take over your life. So the decision to take the CPA exam is not one to be made lightly. Aside from a huge investment in time and effort there is also a financial investment. Having made the decision to proceed you will want to research CPA exam help resources to ensure good results.

CPA Exam Help for Study and Preparation

The first step in looking for CPA exam help and resources should be to check the websites of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).These are the two accounting institutions involved in administering the CPA exam and information regarding the exam can be obtained there. This will include subject matter to be covered, CPA exam tutorial and sample tests. It is highly recommended that you select a CPA review course. There are a wide variety to choose from and some are fairly expensive, but most of those who have passed the CPA say it is essential to success. Research to find the review course best suited to you. There are many free resources available on the internet as well as forums and discussion groups where additional advice and tips can be picked up. Get as much information and make use of all available resources in your preparations.

CPA Final Review

The last week before the exam should be devoted entirely to review. If possible take time off from work or any other obligations to focus on your CPA final review. Your study during the last week will mostly focus on the following

  • Exam formats
  • General understanding of all subject areas
  • Re-working multiple choice questions
  • Answering essay questions

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How to Pass CPA – CPA Exam Help
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