Helpful Debit Credit Cheat Sheet

Purpose of the Debit Credit Cheat Sheet

A debit credit cheat sheet is basically a study guide. It is a condensed version or summary of what a student in an accounting class needs to know about debits and credits at the appropriate level. It serves as a guide as much as anything. Students will have to still be familiar with the accounting process of debit and credit to gain much advantage from the debits and credits cheat sheet. The name cheat sheet is due to the similarity the condensed version of notes bears to “crib” sheets that a student may try to sneak into an exam. At the college level, many instructors allow cheat sheets during exams. They are more concerned with students knowing how a process works than with memorization skills. These sheets are also a great accounting homework help. 

Using the Debit Credit Cheat Sheet to Your Advantage

A number of educators advocate the use of a bookkeeping cheat sheet during exams as they feel it actually helps the learning process. Limiting the size of a cheat sheet forces a student to choose which information is the most important. Students must study the information in order to determine what is the best to include. Some of the ways the debit credit cheat sheet can benefit you include:

  1. As a study aid. Some students will be more inclined to review the consolidated version of information in the form of a cheat sheet, than to dig through several chapters in a textbook. A good student will use a cheat sheet in conjunction with their textbook and notes.
  2. Time saver. Searching through a book for precisely the information you need takes time. For those with a busy schedule it allows some quick study time they wouldn’t otherwise have.
  3. Review for exams. Even if not allowed during the exam, a good cheat sheet is a convenient tool for reviewing anywhere, as it isn’t bulky or difficult to manage.
  4. Confidence builder. There are some students for whom the knowledge that they are allowed a cheat sheet is enough and they won’t actually need it.

Our debit credit cheat sheet experts

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Helpful Debit Credit Cheat Sheet
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