Cash Flow Statement Questions and Answers

How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement?

To affect the liquidity, the sum of money being transferred into and out of the venture is said to be the cash flow. The statement written for this purpose is known as cash flow statement. There are some specific and important ways that describe how to prepare a cash flow statement. The major purpose of developing this statement is to generate the list for sending money either into or out of the business. The major cash flow statement questions are considered as quite helpful when it comes to getting ample info about it. Preparing statement of cash flow actually explains the use of money and its value as well. You can learn more about our easy way to study accounting.

Difference between Cash Flow and Income Statement

The statement written about assessing the annual financial performance of a corporation is known as the income statement. On the other hand, the statement written for analyzing the finances used into and out of the business is known as cash flow statement.

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Method of Cash Flow Statement

The net income needed to shift total net income to the amount of cash followed by the adjustments is included in the indirect method of cash flow. However, the operating activities cash flows are based on the number of lines including paid money to suppliers or cash from the buyers. This is the major difference between the direct and indirect method of cash flow statement.


Cash Flow Statement Activities: FAQs for Your Assistance

The cash flow statement activities are based on some important frequently asked questions. Have a look at the important assistance you need to get about cash flow statement.

Q – How to prepare the statement of cash flow
A – The set of data is organized in the proper form for preparing cash flow statement. These are financing activities, investing activities and operating activities. The use of the indirect method is said to be as important for developing the cash flow statement.
Q – Why is it necessary to develop cash flow statement?
A – The cash flow statements have higher importance because of many reasons. The lifeblood of business is the cash. One can’t avoid writing this statement. The cash used in the investment of business is important to be in the knowledge of the business owners.
Q – What is the role of financial projections in cash flow statements?
A – The estimates included to develop future activities of business is known as financial projection. It is necessary to target major shootouts by estimating the future. The success is maximized through the framework to compare actual performance.
Q – What are the important financial statements other than cash flow statement?
A – The income statement and balance sheet are the two most important statements other than cash flow. All of the statements play the major role to keep the financial performance analysis in records.
Q – Can the cash flow statement be used as the basis for budgeting?
A – Yes, this is possible. It can be used as a budgeting basis, the predictability of cash flows in the future, the amount of predictability and assess the timing.
Q – What is cash flow analysis technique?
A – Evaluation of the firm’s ability for repaying the loan for generating money is done by using the cash flow analysis technique. This technique is actually used by the loan officers.
Q – What are two major reasons for using cash flow statement?
A – To understand the philosophy of financing and investment of a borrower is only possible through a cash flow statement.
Q – What answers a banker can get by cash flow statement?
A – The answers to two major questions can be gathered through a cash flow statement. Such questions are shared below:

  • Where did the money go?
  • Where did it actually came from?
Q – What are the major ways to increase cash flow?
A – There are many ways to increase cash flow. However, the few basic secrets are to increase productivity, motivate the workforce and use of best strategies for improving the business.

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cash flow statement questions

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Cash flow statements are not simple to create. The budgeting and prediction of future cash flows, assessment of timing and many other such points are kept in mind to write the most relevant cash flow statement. The actual purpose of writing cash flows is to know where the money came from and where it will be used in the business. In actual, you shouldn’t rely on less reliable teams for a writing of cash flow statements. Statements of cash flow written inappropriately can affect the profitability of a business in a negative way.

The major cash flow statement questions with the helpful answers are available here. Click on the post to clear your confusions and queries about cash flow statements.

Cash Flow Statement Questions and Answers
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