Answers to These Balance Sheet Questions Will Make You a Better Student

Overview of the Balance Sheet

The capital of a business, liabilities, and statement of the assets at the specific phase in the certain time that describes the balance of expenses and incomes is known as a balance sheet. The actual purpose of generating balance sheets is to make the earned amount of money and cost equal. In the case of an unequal result, it is not supposed to be as correct. It is not possible to avoid creating the balance sheets. Like the income statement, the balance sheet has an equal importance that can’t be neglected for sure. We are able to help you with the balance sheet or if you are in need of cash flow statement help you are free to contact us.

What Are the Current Assets on a Balance Sheet?

The current assets of the balance sheet are land, prepaid insurance, supplies, inventory, accounts receivable, temporary investments, petty cash, and cash. All of these assets are added in the section of current assets of the balance sheet. We are ready to help with balance sheet questions in India, United States, United Kingdom and many other countries.

Type of Balance Sheet in Accounting: How to Make a Balance Sheet from an Income Statement?

The vertical, comparative, common size and classified are the four major type of balance sheet. In accounting, the students learn such four types of balance sheets. By first writing a list of asset accounts in liquidity order, you need to create the balance sheet. The stockholders, liabilities, and assets are three categories to divide the account of balance sheets. You also have to find the net income of companies for certain tenure by adding operating income to non-operating income. The balance sheet can be created in the variety of ways from an income statement. However, the best way is to separate the current assets and other types of assets.

Cash and Cash Equivalents in Balance Sheet

The highly liquid investments, the short-term liquid investments, money market accounts, saving accounts, petty cash, checking accounts, checks, coins, and currency are the cash and cash equivalents in the balance sheet.

FAQs of Balance Sheet

Q – What are the items added in the section of Liability in Balance Sheet?
A – The major items that are added in the liability’s section of the balance sheet are income received in advance, outstanding expenses, advance from customers, sundry creditors, current liabilities, mortgage, a loan from the bank, long-term liabilities and capital.
Q – Enlist the items that are important to add to the asset side of balance sheet.
A – For the current assets, the items can be prepaid expenses, bank balance, cash balance, sundry debtors and stock. The items included in the fixed assets are computers, vehicles, furniture, machinery, building, and land. All of these items can be added but only on their respective sides.
Q – What is the major reason to prepare a balance sheet?
A – The personal and real accounts of the business are developed in a proper order in the balance sheets post preparing profit & loss and trading account. On the last date of the financial year, it is prepared to get info about business’s exact financial position.
Q – What are the drawbacks of not preparing balance sheets?
A – In the simple words. The business can’t be operated without preparing the balance sheets. The information about used expenditures and the cash that come in the form of profit must be kept in records. This is however only possible by generating the balance sheets. Secondly, the information about assets and liabilities are also gathered that is not possible to collect without preparing this sheet.
Q – What is meant by adjustment entry?
A – Adjustment of other and nominal accounts that are passed at the end of each accounting period are said to be as adjustment entries. It is performed to rectify the net loss or profit to indicate the financial condition’s overall fair view. Before the preparation of final statements, it is essential to pass these adjustment entries. The true financial condition of the businesses would not be shown in the absence of these entries.
Q – Enlist the major fixed assets.
A – The few major fixed assets that should be in your knowledge are computers, vehicles, furniture, machinery, building, and land.
Q – Share the name of some current assets.
A – The major current assets to be added in the balance sheet are prepaid expenses, bank balance, cash balance, sundry debtors and stock.
Q – What are the three major items of Balance Sheet?
A – The two most important titles you can’t ignore in a balance sheet are Assets, Liabilities and Owner’s Equity. These three items are further categorized into different elements.

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Answers to These Balance Sheet Questions Will Make You a Better Student
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