All You Need to Know about FNMA Cash Flow Analysis

fnma cash flow analysisWhat is FNMA cash flow analysis?

FNMA or Fannie Mae as it is more commonly known was a government sponsored company that was designed to provide liquidity within the mortgage market. It was formed during the great depression to try to boost the number of home loans offered to low and middle income families to help increase home ownership. It was at this time fully backed by the US government. However it is now a publicly listed company answerable to its shareholders. In its simplest form it works by borrowing money and reinvesting that money by buying mortgages. The company is exempt from some of the rules regarding capital that apply to many banks and other financial institutions which make it able to operate at a great profit during good times but put it at much greater risk during an economic down turn such as those faced during the subprime mortgage crisis. Fannie Mae will purchase any mortgage that meets its requirements hence the need for the FNMA cash flow analysis.

What does the FNMA cash flow analysis look at?

The FNMA cash flow analysis will look at a huge number of different areas and you will have to complete their cash flow analysis which summarizes a lot of information from other forms that you have to complete such as your personal tax forms and even company cash flow statements. The following sections are covered within the Fannie Mae analysis:

  • For Individuals:
    • Your individual income tax return: form 1040
    • Your Employee business expenses: form 2106
    • Interest and dividend income: Schedule B
    • Profit or Loss from business: Sole proprietorship, schedule C
    • Capital Gains and losses: Schedule D
    • Sales of Business Property: form 4797
    • Installments sales income: form 6252
    • Supplemental income and loss: Schedule E
    • Profit or loss from farming: schedule F
    • Partnership Schedules K1: form 1065
    • Corporation schedule k1: form 1120S
  • Partnerships and Corporations:
    • Partnership form 1065
    • S Corporation form 1120S
    • Regular corporation form 1120
    • Year to Date P&L statement

All of this information needs to be supplied in a timely manner and of course needs to be accurately compiled and displayed in their forms for analysis. If you are struggling with conducting your FNMA cash flow analysis or business cash flow analysis you can always turn to our professional company analysis services for help.

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All You Need to Know about FNMA Cash Flow Analysis
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